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Kathleen Anderson LMHC LLC offers both Individual Counselling and Couple's Counseling.
When People are motivated and willing to work, progress is usually possible! Maintaining your mental health is extremely important.
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Couple Counseling

Gottman Relationship Checkup is an online test for struggling couples. The goals of the Gottman Method include increasing closeness and friendship behaviors, addressing conflict productively, and building a life of shared meaning together. 

Engaged Couple
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  • Save your valuable time and money.

  • Online test for struggling couples.

  • Questionnaire of 50 pages with 480 questions.

  • Provide your relationship info to your counselor.

  • Complete your test individually.

  • Test time is two hours.

  •  Start and Stop test anytime.

  •  Keep your info confidential

  •  After test your therapist will be notified.

  •  Set an appointment with your therapist.

  •  Get your score reviewed.

  •  Get the suggestions of treatment plan.



Kathleen Anderson, LMHC, LLC, 9140 Golfside Dr, Ste 12N, Jacksonville, Fl 32256

Ms. Kathleen Anderson graduated from the University of North Florida in 1993 with a Masters of Education in Counseling and Guidance. She became a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor in 1996 and is currently in private practice.
Kathleen works with struggling couples in search of the friendship and romance they once shared.




“How we do anything is how we do everything.” A radically honest and true way of moving, transitioning, flowing and interacting.
Over obstacles. Through blockages. With our body. With other bodies or alone. Reducing rigidness. Supporting relaxation in motion. How can I become more fluid, simpler, efficient in my movements?
What ways can my body move? Which movements support and nurture my mobility? Flexibility? Reactiveness? If my way of moving is showing my way of thinking, how can I get more relaxed, stable and maybe even authentic in my expression? All of these questions and thoughts and more are addressed in this part of the retreat.


Many know the traditional yoga styles taught all over the globe by now.
Still little are familiar with the variety lesser known ways of activating, loosening, strengthening and restoring the body through innovative classes like yoga sculpt combined with elements of mobility training, yin yoga, yoga nidra or group yoga exercices like human mandala and acrobatic yoga, that encourage interactive postures for two or more participants. The vitality and knowledge of how to reduce tension in the body to optimize our performance is long available and in this part of the retreat we address it all with the knowledge gathered over more than a decade.


Sit straight, chant hundreds of mantras, incense all over the place and someone who tells you about the struggle you are in.
The confusion of how to meditate, what it is, postures, goals, what is best and why, is circulating the internet as the practice and possible benefits find different wrappings, ideas and expressions in our society. Simply put, we meditate to focus. On the breath. On whatever thoughts arise. On relaxing the body. Different body parts, emotions or blockages. Visualising and journeying to possible encounterments and much more. Laying down, sitting, walking, dancing. As long as we are one with what we do, we meditate. In this part of the retreat, we will explore sleep yoga, shamanistic journeying, breath work, Body scanning and exploring emotional connections we hold to experiences we made in our life to re-align our energies, clear out our breathing channels and lungs and connect with our body on a new level.


How much do you know about your way of interacting with other human beings? Maybe you like or dislike a certain kind of people?
Maybe there are particular kind of humans who inspire anxieties, or admiration in you?
Understanding what gives us a feeling of trust, what makes us follow and what triggers rebellion in us is most important if we want to get more out of our everyday life is it not? What gives me the feeling of security, what makes me fearful and why? And what can I do on my behalf to gain a greater sense of calm and self awareness in any given situation, so as my environment does not stress, trigger me or provoke me anymore?
Simple but playful we put practices into action, little experiments and proven methods on how to talk, move, touch and even grapple with the people around us to better understand our boundaries, how to respect and communicate them outward and connect and follow our desires and wishes without limiting habits and beliefs.


Bali is renowned for its temples, ancient ruins and holy sites. As part of our retreat package, every participant is entitled to come on several tours with us, enjoy traditional ceremonies typical for this part of the world, learning about foods, culture and even drinks of this beautiful part of the world. We will explore the close villages, beaches, forests and connect with the local farmers and people of all sorts of social level of balinese society. The Floating Leaf Eco Luxury Resort and We, your retreat leaders, have always payed the highest regards to the places we host our retreats and made an effort to give our participants not only the greatest of possible inputs, learnings and inspirations for their journey but are continuously taking it up and on ourselves to connect people with the local customs and the place they visit to create an authentic and honest impression of the place you visit and the memories you take home.

Couple's Hug


Kathleen is the most kind, caring and understanding professional. She is empathetic, knowledgeable, competent & genuine and is a very effective caregiver. I would highly recommend Kathleen.