What is Jituzu?

  • Jituzu is a convenient online scheduling tool for ultimate convenience in scheduling your sessions.

  • Secure online scheduling, bill pay, messaging, appointment reminders, credit card processing, web site creation and other interactive services give businesses a better way to grow their revenue and reduce their operating costs.

  • You can easily book your appointments online 24 hours a day and pay any balances due.

  • Convenient online appointment scheduling and account balance payment is made available to you through Kathleen Anderson, LMHC, LLC.

   How to use Jituzu?

  • There is a one time, per person, $15.00 fee to setup your password and username for Jituzu. The $15.00 fee for Jituzu is NONREFUNDABLE.( This administrative fee helps defray the rising cost of providing this convenient service to you. We are pleased to offer this service with no ongoing monthly costs to you. We realize that sometimes an individual may setup their patient portal and choose not to attend their appointment, or withdraw from therapy, or be referred elsewhere. However, this fee is nonrefundable. In all circumstances and cases.)

  • The one-time fee may be paid by debit or credit card, or by your health savings card through the Jituzu secure website.

  • Couples may not share a patient portal, everyone must have their own sign on, username and password.

  • If you cancel an appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will receive a $50 charge for late cancellation.

   Pro Tips

  • Keep it Simple. Keep it Honest. Keep it Real.

  • When you use your patient portal through Jituzu, you are also agreeing to the following terms and conditions and have been made aware of our office's Privacy Policy.

  • To use Jituzu online scheduling you must be in agreement with receiving and confirming appointments by text.

  • If you are locked out of your Jituzu account, call or email their customer service. They will respond quickly and can get you back online.
    Call: 1-877-820-4153 Email on:info@Jituzu.com

  • Please pay any balance due on Jituzu before you schedule your next appointment.